Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Blueberries for Sal"

Growing up, my mom read to my younger brother and I a lot. "Make Way for Ducklings", "Amos and Boris", and "Owl at Home" were some of the ones we made her read over and over. However, my favorite was and always has been, "Blueberries for Sal". I still have it, along with many of the others.

Blueberries remind me of my mom. She picked them, froze them, and baked with them. A customer favorite at the Village Restaurant were the blueberry pancakes.

Yesterday LM and I went to pick blueberries. We went far back into the patch. An area that most avoided due to poison ivy and poison oak, but it was quiet and lovely. We picked, and I had one of those moments where I could feel her, not her presence, but her essence. Knowing we were doing something she loved.

The longer she's gone, the more I seek these moments out. Not to make myself sad, or wallow in grief, but to honor her, and to solidify my memories.

Te echo de menos mami.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I promised an update on Fab, and so here goes. When I last left you, Fab was not in fighting form. Guess what? He still isn't. Upon arriving home from Florida, the faithful Dr. M tried everything he could think of to treat the sore foot. Finally, he decided a trip north to the Blue Grass State, home of the prestigious Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital would be in order. While there, he underwent an MRI of both front limbs, and was evaluated in the podiatry clinic. The MRI showed nothing remarkable, save for a possible strain in the right front. He was shod to Dr. Morrison's specifications and sent home. After several weeks of rest, and then eventually light work, his front end became extremely sound, and he was very comfortable in his new shiny, platinum, shoes. Okay, they aren't platinum, but judging from the cost, you would guess that they were.

LM is cautiously optimistic and begins putting him back into rigorous work. Guess what happens then? That's right, his hind end doesn't seem right. Enter Dr. J, Dr. M's knowledgable, patient, lovely, colleague. She is a vet and chiropractor. During her visit, she lays her hands on Fab's back, and he practically collapses. Could the source of all this year's issues be in the poor horse's sore back? Dr. J thinks so and LM wears a permanent "I told you so" smirk. Dr. J recommends a nuclear bone scan. Fab undergoes said bone scan, and it lights up smack dab in the middle of his back. Right where the saddle sits. The inflammation is deep and centered between three vertebrae. Upon hearing the news, I instantly regret referring to him as the "Weenie" for these last months.

The recommended treatment was to inject his back, deep and as close to the inflammation as possible. This occurred on Friday, and we now cross our fingers and hope we've found some relief for the poor guy.

LM missed the NAJYRC qualifying season. On the outside, she appears to have handled it well, but as the competition draws closer her disappointment is obvious to me. Poor kid. Eventually she'll catch a break, and her time is coming. I just know it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm back! Maybe...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't posted in forever. Where to begin. Hmmmmm. Let's see. I think I'll tell you about yesterday. Yesterday was about as good of a Sunday as it gets. Little Mama and I lazily drank coffee, browsed the internet, and watched some Paula Deen on the Food Network. Paula was at her finest. She taught us how to make doughnuts from canned biscuit dough.

Feeling inspired, the girl and I scanned our Southern Livings mags and made our way to Publix. I made maque choux and she made pimiento cheese. We spent the afternoon chopping, grating, and mixing while listening to a Glee soundtrack.

The Daddy worked on a little project of his own, and spent his afternoon with a few cans of Mediterranean Blue Rustoleum and an old metal chair. The results of which made me so happy.

We wrapped up the evening with a little yardwork and True Blood. A truly good day.

Back to work. I'll update about Fab and our newest addition tomorrow. Promise.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello, hello. Busy, busyness. Thoughts are turning towards the upcoming show season, and hence my little blog will be filled with what else? Horse stories. Yay! Hmmmm I like that. Horse Stories.

In today's Horse Story, there is nothing entirely new, except that I confess that I realized yesterday that yesterday was the deadline to submit Little Mama's and Fab's Declaration of Intent forms for the NAJC. I scrambled. It required LM making two trips to the office, but it got done.

Meanwhile, whatever Fabulous did to his foot seems to be getting better. Dr. M checked him out, treated him, and told LM to rest him for a week. Seems to have done the trick (crossing fingers). So onto the training, and the shows. First up: April 10 and 11, Conyers, Georgia.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Fabulous in expert hands learning piaffe. Little Mama, my sponge, taking it all in.
The day before the Boss and she were to leave Florida I got a call. I answered and she said "hi mom," then nothing. I waited and realized she was crying. Thinking something had gone wrong my heart sank a little, but it was nothing like that. She was crying because this experience was coming to an end, and she wasn't quite ready to leave it behind.

This is my girl. Most 16 year olds go to Florida for the sun, the party, the beach, and the waves. Mine goes for the training, the work, and the challenge.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I realize I'm not an expert, but shouldn't one of these two have their eyes open?


Dear Fabulous:
You are making me crazy. Please stop.